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When is the right time to take up "Productivity Improvement" in your organization?

Posted on 4 October, 2020 at 5:45 Comments comments (915)

We all know what is the importance of "Productivity improvement" in the industry.

What do you think, when the "Productivity improvement" activity should be taken up? At the time of upward trend (full swing of production & supply) or downward trend (no production or slump in industry)?


When everything is going well - Management says there is no requirement for "Productivity improvement". At the time of crisis situation, the Management says, its not right time or not planning for anything new.

In most organizations, the Management asks their HODs to do the required improvements, but they forget that they aren't SM experts. Being insider they would never be able to accept or try to know the weaknesses of the organization (unless a out of box thinker). They will assume that everything they are doing is right.


In such scenario, only the outside consultant would conduct impartial study & give suitable recommendations.


There are couple of corporate companies, irrespective of the situation, they hire consultants & get the improvements done in their respective organizations.


When is the right time to take up such activities in your organization?

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Manpower Study & Optimization

Posted on 15 September, 2015 at 11:10 Comments comments (371)


India has come a long way since it embarked on the path of economic liberalization in 1991. It has evolved from an insulated low-growth economy with a government controlled business environment, to a globally integrated and competitive marketplace. This change in economic stance, coupled with rapid advances in technology, has also brought about large-scale shifts in consumer behavior.

An Organization’s life cycle consists of different phases like Evolution, Formation, Growth, Maturity, Decline, Ageing and Death. Over a period of time and till the time the Organization reaches the Maturity / stability phase, the Organization keeps on adding Men, Machinery, Material, Money and Methods (5Ms) including Infrastructure in the process of Growth and increasing the sales & market base and the turnover. Only few Organizations realizes the burden of 5Ms only at the time of “Saturation” or “Decline” phase in terms of Sales being stabilized or Sales coming down and sees no further improvement is possible.

Organizations now face intense competition, demanding customers, product proliferation and greater exposure to the volatility of the global economy. In this changing scenario, business leaders have to constantly look for new sources of competitive advantage to win in their markets.

Why Manpower study & Optimization is Important for an Organizations?

In business, the employees are an important contributing factor to the organization and also one of the most expensive contributing factors. Not only does a company pay salaries and wages to its employees, but it typically invests in employees by paying for their training and benefits, such as health and life insurance and retirement accounts. Thus, for a company to maximize its chances of success, it needs not only to understand its Manpower utilization but also to work toward achieving optimal use of its workforce.

Hence, keeping in view the present day business challenges faced by the Organizations we at PEP Consultants believe that services like Organization study, Manpower study & Optimization, Work Load study, Method study, Time study, Benchmarking Best practices, Productivity Improvement are of critical importance not only for increasing the bottom line profits but also for the survival & existence of the Organizations.

Benefits & Advantages to the Organizations:

All these above listed studies are part of Industrial Engineering Tools & Techniques. Because of the present day Business challenges, Industrial Engineering as a function has become an important function for organizations to carry out scientific studies for improving manpower utilization & optimization, productivity, profitability, reducing wastages and bringing down the input costs and manpower cost.